Renovation & Floorplan Reviews

Having a Renovation Consultation or a Floor Plan Review, with an experienced valuer can prevent costly mistakes, save you time and effort, and ultimately result in a successful renovation.

Getting this level of expert advice BEFORE beginning construction, is a crucial and necessary step.

My ultimate goal is to help you embark on your renovation project with confidence so you can make strategic decisions and end up with the home of your dreams.

Investment Coaching

Are you considering investing in property but unsure how to get started? Or perhaps you are looking for personalised, expert guidance to help you make informed decisions about your property investment?

With my guidance, you can feel confident about investing in property, knowing that you’re making informed decisions and taking the necessary steps to grow your wealth in property.

Property Valuations

With over 17+ years of experience within the Property Valuation Industry, Add Valuer gives independent, trusted and qualified advice.

A high focus on attention to detail, quality reporting and a huge emphasis ethics and moral service.

Tax Depreciation Schedules

A Tax Depreciation Schedule, quite simply, is a report that identifies the depreciation for wear and tear of a property.

Only about 30% of residential investment properties are currently being depreciated, leaving majority of investors over-paying their income taxes.

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