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Belinda Botzolis is a distinguished property valuer with 17 years of experience, valuing over $12 billion in real estate.

The Property Blueprint: Discover, Value, Strategise

Renovation & Floorplan Reviews

Before renovating, consult with an expert valuer to avoid mistakes and streamline your project. My guidance aims to transform your visions into your dream home confidently.
Investment Coaching
Considering property investment but unsure where to start? With my expert guidance, navigate confidently, making informed decisions to effectively grow your property wealth.

Property Valuations

With over 17 years of extensive experience in Property Valuation, I offer trusted, unbiased advice, comprehensive detailed reporting, unwavering ethics, and unparalleled quality service to my clients.

Tax Depreciation Schedules

A Tax Depreciation Schedule meticulously identifies property wear and tear depreciation; surprisingly a mere 30% of investors tap into its benefits, often resulting in significantly overpaid income taxes.

Meet Your Valuer

Hi, I'm Belinda

Belinda, widely recognised as “The Valuer” on social media, demystifies the complexities of property investing and building. Her innate ability to simplify the intricate world of property has resonated with a broad audience, especially everyday Australians looking to make informed decisions and grow their wealth.

Blending her passion for real estate with a genuine commitment to client empowerment, Belinda guides individuals in aligning their property decisions with their current assets and long-term aspirations. Clients often remark that her 1-on-1 sessions feel like a conversation with a trusted friend, ushering in clarity and direction to their property endeavours.

Every consultation with her aims to enlighten clients, arming them with the required knowledge for strategic decision-making.

Embarking on your property journey with Belinda means placing trust in a seasoned adviser, ensuring you’re guided by expertise, integrity, and genuine care.

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